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Our self-guided scenic driving tours are a great way to the explore beauty of Cattaraugus County.

Wildflower 55 Driving Tours

Driving Tours

We have put together a few self-guided driving tours from Ellicottville, which is a great way to enjoy the scenic mountains, rivers and communites surrounding Ellicottville! The tours are designed to be fun, beautiful and have a destination point or some fun stops along the way.

You can just drive the tour, stop in the desination, have lunch or dinner or do everything! Whether it is spring, summer or fall, your scenic drving tour is a great way to enjoy some of the best the Cattaragus county has to offer!

Feel free to follow our directions for a scenic tour, our type in the destination points on your GPS and follow the directions.

Six Scenic Driving Tours

  1. Valley View Cheese Factory Tour
  2. Antique Store Tour
  3. Franklinville Tour (Maple Festival in April)
  4. Zippo / Case Museum Tour
  5. Cutco Knives Factory Tour
  6. Allegany State Park Tour

Valley View Cheese Company

The Valley View Cheese factory is a great destination that is about 25 minutes away. You will enjoy a scenic drive to the amish cheese factory through the rolling hills west of Ellicottville on route 242. The factory is located off of route 62 and sells over 40 kinds of cheese, maple syrup and other local items. The drive takes to the heart of the Amish community near Ellicottville. Along the way you will see many amish businesses and homes that sell with bake goods, furniture, tin, glass, and quilts! Most Amish places close in the early evening and are not open Sundays.

Tour Length: 53 Miles, 1 hour and 15 minutes round trip without stops

To start the tour, turn right and head north on Route 219 0.9 miles to downtown Ellicottville. Turn left onto NY 242 West and drive 8.3 miles to Erie Street NY 353 (NY 242 splits off left). Stay on NY 353 Erie Street for 1.3 miles then a slight left on to County Highway 5 / New Albion Road. Drive 4.3 miles and turn left onto Leon Road / County Highway 6. Drive 7.6 miles on County Highway 6 and turn left onto rout US 62 West. Drive 2.4 miles and Valley View Cheese Company will be on your left.

After visiting the factory, you can take a scenic trip home through the amish community. Head South on US 62 (turn left) and drive 1.2 miles and turn left on to NY 241. Drive 0.1 miles and take the first right to stay on rount NY 241. Drive 6.8 miles and turn left onto Main Street (NY 394). Drive 1.9 miles and turn left onto route NY 242. Take NY 242 for 9.5 miles. Take a slight right for 1.3 miles but stay on Rock City Street (NY 242/NY 353). Take a slight left onto Route 242 and drive 7.0 miles and this will bring you into downtown Ellicottville. Turn right on route 219 and drive 0.9 to return to the Wildflower Assoctation. You made it!

Valley View Cheese Company

Desintation Information

Antique Store Tour

There are many antique stores and malls surrounding Ellicottville. We have outlined a fantastic tours that allow you to enjoy the beauty of the region, shop at some great antique stores, enjoy some local food and return back to home to Ellicottville. This tour follows between mountain areas, with some nice rolling hills followed by some winding roads back through Ellicottville.

The Antique store tour has 4 stores to visit on the driving tour. The Antiques and Interiors, Salamanca Mall Antiques, Ellicottville Trading Company and the Ellicottville Country Store and Antiuqes all have a variety of antiques and other goods.

The Salamanc Mall Antiques is the largest, with over 1,000 vendors and it is open 7 days a week. Website:

The Ellicottville County Store and Antiques is a historic country store. It has a diner that serves breakfast and lunch Thursday through Sunday. The menu includes homemade soups, pies, stuffed french toast and their famous Eggs Benedict!. The full antique store is on the second floor with multiple dealer booths displaying a wide assortment of quality antiques from the last 150 years. The store has gifts, bulk foods, kitchenware, soaps, candles, toys, jewery, chocolates, fudge, jam, old fashioned penny candy, local maple syrup and honey, cheese, tea and more! Open Wed. & Thu. 10-4, and Fri.-Sun. 7-5.

Destination Address Telephone
Antiques and Interiors 5034 US 219, Great Valley, NY 14741 716 945-6737
Salamanca Mall Antiques 100 Main Street Salamanca, NY 14779 716 945-5532
South Towns 219 Antique Mall 4218 South Cascade Drive Springville, NY 14141 716-592-2080
Elllicottville Country Store and Antiuqes 5364 New York 242 E, Ellicottville, NY 14731 716 699-6100

Tour Length: 44 miles - 1 hour and 15 minutes round trip with no stops.

To start the tour, head south on Route 219 for 4 miles. Your first stop is Antiques and Interiors, which will be on your left.

Antiques and Interiors in Great Valley NY

To head towards the second stop, head south (left) on to Route 219 and drive 350 feet. Turn right again to stay on Route 219. Drive 5.1 miles and turn right on to East State Street. Next, drive 0.9 miles and turn left on to North Main Street. You are almost there. Drive 0.3 miles and the Salamanca Mall Antiques on your left.

The Salamanca Antique Mall

Now you have a scenic drive north and back through Ellicottville to reach the third stop. You can eat lunch in Salamanca, Ellicottville or just keep going. A great local place to eat is the Westwood Grill. For tour stop 3, head north on Main street 0.2 miles and take the second left onto North Main Street. Drive 300 feet and continue on East State Street. Drive 2.6 miles and thr right onto NY 353 North. Your are heading out of town and will continue 3.3 miles and turn right onto Baker Road. Drive 0.9 miles on Baker Road and you will take a slight right onto NY 242 East. The scenic road will wind back through Ellicottville. Go 7.1 miles and turn left on US 219 North. Drive for 18.9 miles and turn left into the parking lot. The South Towns 219 Antique mall is visable from the highway!

South Towns 219 Antique Mall

You have another scenic drive as you head towards the fourth stop. Turn right onto US 219 South and drive for 12.4 miles. Turn left onto Beaver Meadows Road. G 2.8 miles and turn right onto NY 240 South. Head South for 3.3 miles and you will intersect NY 242. You are almost there. Turn right on NY 242 and the Ellicottville Country Store and Antiques will be on your right (approx 150 feet).

Ellicottville Country Store and Antiques

Now it is time to head back home. The drive will take you back through Ellicottville. Turn right (South-west) on NY 242 West and drive 4.7 miles. Turn left onto Jefferson Street (US 219). Drive 0.8 miles and turn left on Trillium way into the Wildflower Association. You made it!

Scenic Drive through Franklinville

This scenic drive through Franklinville is a great road trip across the mountainsides of the county. There are some smooth straightaways through the mountain valleys. There are many farms, parks and some wide open views. At the mid-point is the small town of Franklinville, you can stop for lunch and get some home cooking at Barbara's Maple Haven Restaurant, the Village Restaurant or check out some local shops. If you don't stop, just keep on going and wind back around some beautiful countryside back into Ellicottville.

Tour Length: 31 miles - 45 minutes round trip with no stops.

To start the tour, turn left on Route 219 and head south for 4 miles.Turn left onto NY98 and drive 12.4 miles. Turn left onto NY16 and drive into Franklinville, approximately 0.9 miles.

To continue back to Ellicottville, stay on Main street (NY16) until you reach NY17 (Elm Street / Bakerstand road). Turn left onto NY17 and drive 5 miles (heading west). You will run into NY 242 West. Take NY 242 West approximately 9.5 miles into downtown Ellicottville. Head south at route 219 and drive 0.9 miles to the Wildflower Assocation which will be on your left. You made the tour!

NOTE: If you are taking the driving tour in the end of April, check out the Franklinville Western New York Maple Festival. The festival is a slice of Americana. There is a parade, craft shows, all you can eat pancakes, petting zoo, local merchant tents, local food vendors, maple syrup and other maple products, a car show, horse plowing demonstration, entertainment and more.

Contact Information Barbara's Maple Haven Restaurant

Contact Information Village Restaurant

Western New York Maple Festival

Contact Information Franklinville Western New York Maple Festival

Zippo Case Museum Tour

The Zippo Case Museum tour provides a scenic drive south of Ellicottville to Bradford, Pennsylvania to the Zippo Lighter and Case Knives museum at the Zippo factory. While you are there you can tour the museum, enjoy lunch or dinner at a local restaurant and then follow the tour back to Ellicottville.

At the Zippo factory you can explore the 15,000 square foot world famous Zippo Repair Clinic and Zippo/Case Store. On your way up to the store you will see fourteen custom-made Zippo street lighters that line the drive leading up to the building. A 40-foot Zippo lighter with pulsating neon flame, and an enormous Case Canoe three bladed pocketknife will greet you at the entrance. This is definitely a photo opportunity for a selfie. Enjoy a self-guided tour to learn the rich history of two American icons.

Tour Length: 59 miles - 1 hour and 25 minutes round trip with no stops

Tour: Turn left out of Wildflower and head south on 219 for 4 miles. Turn right and follow route 219 for 5.3 miles. Turn left onto Wildwood Avenue (Route 219/Bus 417) and follow for 6.4 miles. Turn right and follow 219 for 6.7 miles. You will cross into Pennsylvania and the road becomes U.S. 219. Continue for 5.3 more miles and get off at the Owens Way exit. Turn right onto Owens Way and drive 0.2 miles. Turn right onto South Avenue and drive 1/2 mile. Take a slight right onto Congress Street and drive ½ mile. The Zippo Factory should be on your right.

If you are looking for lunch or dinner, one place to try is the Pizza Napoli and Restaurant. This family owned restaurant has been in business since 1973. They make fresh pizza dough and sauce and make all sizes of pizza, including the Monstruoso pizza. They have sicilian style pizza, wings, antipasta salad, pasta, calzones and more. You can dine or call ahead and take the pizza home with you!

Another great place is the Beefeaters Restaurant, located in a historic building in Bradford. The downtown eatery and spirts restaurant has a full menu of appetizers, homemade soups, salads, a roast beef bar, steaks, seafood, pasta, sandwiches, desserts and more. The beef bar serves many plates on Kummelwick bread. Beefeaters also has an extensive wine and beer list. They are only open for dinner, so it would make a great afternoon tour if you plan to dine here!

To continue back on the tour you will need to get back on to US 219 North. If you are at the factory, head east on zippo drive towards the Chestnut street extenstion. Turn left on the Chestnut Street extension and drive 1/2 mile. Take a slight right ont Chestnut Street and drive 0.4 miles. Turn right onto Main Street and drive 0.2 miles. Turn left onto Davis Street and drive 0.1 mile. Take the first right onto Forman Street (PA-346) and drive 0.2 mile. Merge onto US 219 N towards Foster Brook / Salamanca and drive 9.6 miles. Stay straight on US 219 North Business route for 0.6 miles. Turn left onto US 219 / 417 and drive 5.6 miles. Turn right onto Killbuck road / County highway 49 and drive 1.8 miles. Take a slight right back onto 219 N and go 3.4 miles. Stay straight and go onto Route NY 98 and drive 2.9 miles. Turn left onto Farm to Market Road (County Highway 71) and drive 0.3 miles. Turn left onto Sugartown Road / County Highway 71 and drive 4.9 miles until you intersect Washington Street (Route 242) in downtown Ellicottville. Turn left and drive 0.2 miles through downtown. Turn left onto Jefferson Street Route 219 South and go 0.8 miles to the Wildflower Association on your left. The tour is complete!

Zippo LightersCase Knives
Zippo Lighter Museum
Case Knife Museum

Destination Information

Contact Information Pizza Naploi and Restaurant

Contact Information Beefeaters Restaurant

Cutco Knife

The Cutco tour is approximately 50 miles and is 1 hour and 15 minutes round trip with no stops. The tour provides a scenic drive southeast of Ellicottville to Olean, New York to the Cutco / KABAR visitor center at their manufacturing plant. While you are there you can tour the vistor center, enjoy lunch or dinner at a local restaurant and then follow the tour back to Ellicottville.

Cutco, established in 1949, is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in the United States and Canada. Cutco's product line includes kitchen knives and utensils, shears, flatware, cookware and sporting knives. More than 700 employees work at Cutco's factory and administrative headquarters in Olean, New York. Cutco products are sold through in-home sales demonstrations, at local events, Cutco retail locations and online. Their products are made in America!

Come to the Cutco / KA-BAR visitor center and discover the rich heritage of Cutco cutlery and KA-BAR Knives, which spans generations. Learn how Cutco knives are made in Olean, New York - where tradition and state-of-the-art technology come together to make knives that are built to last and are backed by The Forever Guarantee. Displays include story boards, antique kitchen cutlery, military knives and pocket knives. See historical photographs and documents.

Cutco and KA-BAR products may be purchased at the Center and you can also leave your Cutco products for factory sharpening.

Tour: Turn left out of Wildflower and head south on 219 for 4 miles. Continue straight onto Humphrey Road and drive 1.7 miles. Turn left to stay on Humphrey road and drive 4.2 miles. Take a slight right onto Chapel Hill road and drive 3.4 miles. Turn left on to 5 Mile road and drive 3.8 miles. Take a slight left onto Back Buffalo Road/ Buffalo Road and drive 3.7 miles on Buffalo Road. Turn right onto North 12th Street and drive ½ mile. Turn left onto West State Street and drive 1.9 miles and the visitor center will be on your right.

Two great lunch or dinner options are the Beef N Barrel Restaurant or Angees Restaurant. Both are locally owned restaurants just east of Cutco on Union Street. The Beef N Barrel has a full menu, including a roast beef bar, homemade salads, homemade soups, deserts, steaks and more. Angees serves fine Italian food, sandwiches, salads soups and more.

Return Tour: Head West on East State street and drive 4.1 miles. Continue onto NY 417 W/E Main street. Follow NY 417 West for 13.8 miles. Turn right onto Killbuck road. Follow Killbuck road until it intersects Route 219. Turn right onto Route 219 and follow 219 North into Ellicottville (approximately 7 miles). You have finished the tour!

Cutco Visitor Center, Olean New York

Destination Information

Contact Information Beef N Barrel Restaurant

Contact Information Angees Restaurant

Driving Tour - Allegany State Park

The Allegany State Park tour is approximately 64.7 miles and is 1 hour and 55 minutes round trip with no stops. The initial destination point is Thunder Rocks, Allegany State Park. The tour provides a scenic drive through the Allegany State Park with optional stops by the Stone Tower, Red House Lake, Thunder Rocks, Science Lake and Quaker Lake. While you are there you can pack a picnic and then follow the tour back to Ellicottville. Note there may be an entrance fee (under $10) to the park for the day (per car). This tour is great anytime of year, but is awesome in the fall!

Tour: Turn left out of Wildflower and head south on 219 for 9.3 miles. Turn right onto Wildwood Avenue and drive 0.7 miles. Turn left onto Parkway Drive and drive 0.4 miles. Continue straight onto Scenic drive and drive up the hill 0.8 miles. It turns into Park road. Take Park road into the Allegany State Park Red House area. You will drive approximately 2.2 miles and turn right onto Stone Mountain Road. Follow the Stone Tower road for 1 mile and you should see signs for the stone tower. You can stop at the stone tower for a fantasic view, or keep going for 1/2 mile and you will run back into Allegany State Park road 1.

Turn right on Allegany State Park Road 1 and drive 1.7 mile and turn left onto Allegany State Park Road 2. This will take you past Red House lake (it will be on your right). Drive 7.7 miles and take a sharp left onto Ridge Run Road. Drive 1.7 miles and continue on Thunder Rocks Road. Thunder Rocks will be on your right. You can take a walk through the rocks, have a picnic or head back on the tour.

Return Tour: Head South on Thunder Rocks road toward Limestone Run road and drive 0.4 miles. Continue on Ridge Run road and drive 1.7 miles. Take a slight left ont Allegany State Park Road 2 and drive 1.1 miles. Turn right onto Allegany State Park road 3 and drive 10.2 miles. You will pass Quaker Lake on your right. Continue on NY 280 North for 4.3 miles. Turn right onto Interstate I-86.

Drive 9.3 miles on I-86 and get off on exit 21 for US 219 North Parkway Drive Salamanca. Turn left onto Parkway Drive and drive 0.4 miles. Take a slight right onto Wildwood Avenue. Turn left onto US 219 and follow it approximately 9.3 miles back to Ellicottville. You made the tour!

Stone Tower
Stone Tower, Allegany State Park New York

Red House Lake
Red House, Allegany State Park New York

Thunder Rocks
Thunder Rocks, Allegany State Park New York

Desitnation Information

Self-Guided Driving tours are great any time of year! The tours are perfect if you just want to drive and enjoy the scenic views or just check out the tour stops along the way. Take a tour in the fall to enjoy the fantastic leaf colors as summer fades away.