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Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall the Hocking Hills Region has awesome activities for everyone!

Hocking Hills Information Center

Hocking Hills Regions Activities

The Hocking Hills Regions is a great place for the family and friends to enjoy the great outdoors and some of natures wonder. There are pleanty of outdoor activities throughout the year for everyone! Whether you are the sports enthusiast, adventurer, knowledge seaker or looking to relax; our vacation rental in Laurelville, Ohio provides the perfect retreat with activities for everyone! We have outlined some great activites to enjoy during your trip to Hocking Hills. You can find more activities and brochures at the Hocking Hills Welcome Center and Visitor Information located at OH 664 and OH 33. Just head south off of OH 33 and the Welcome Center is on the left.

The activities have been outlined in the following categories on this page:

Hocking Hills State Park Sites and Hiking Trails

Hocking Hills State Park provides a variety of recreational opportunities in an amazing natural setting. There are over 30 miles of hiking trails for all levels of hikers. The 2,356-acre park has towering cliffs, waterfalls and deep hemlock-shaded gorges to lure the hiker and naturalist.

The park has year round events including Grandma Gatewood's Fall Color hike, Halloween Campout, Christmas in Ash Cave to name a few.

Old Man's Cave
Explore the gradure of Old Man's Cave

Old Man's Cave is a spectacular cave that you decend from the parking lot into the cave area. Comprised of the Upper Falls, Upper Gorge, Middle Falls, Lower Falls and Lower Gorge, Old Man’s Cave travels along the magnificent gorge cut through the entire 150-foot thickness of the Blackhand sandstone.

From the bottom of the trail you can view the magificant cave, bridges and engage the Cedar Falls Trails as well as many others.

Trail Information:

Cedar Falls
Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills State Park

The Cedar Falls trail passes through beautiful chasm in Hocking Hills State Park. The trail host many hemlock trees, ferns and is host to forms of wildlife. The area is surrounded by steep rock walls, grottoes, waterfalls and the trail follows a creek. The falls are in a remote and secluded area, but it is worth the trip to stand next to the spectacular wateralls.

Cedar Falls is a medium hike through a secnic area from the lower falls near Old Man's Cave.

Trail Information:

Rock House
Explore the Rock House trails

The trail to and through Rock House is amazing and requires a little more skill. There are some steep rock steps and crossings. Situated midway up a 150-foot cliff, Rockhouse is a tunnel-like cavern 25 feet high and roughly 200 feel long. The gorge trail provides direct access to the cave. The back end of the Rock House provides stunning views of the waterfall flowing over the cliff face and the trail below.

Trail Information:

Conkles Hollow
Conkles Hollow scenic hike

Conkles Hollow is an amazing hike through a deep, cool gorge, which is only 100 feet wide in places and is considered by some to be the deepest in Ohio, has numerous waterfalls cascading over its sandstone cliffs. The Lower Gorge trail is designed to accommodate visitors of all abilities, while the upper trail requires a little more skill. Each trail provides different perspective of the gorge.

Trail Information:

Whispering Cave
Whispering Cave - Hocking Hills State Park

Whispering Cave features a gorge overlook, sandstone cliffs and a bridge that connects to the Buckeye Trail. The 105-foot waterfall continues to carve out this young sandstone gorge filled with ice age era fauna of hemlock and rhododendron.

This cave and trail were just reopened in 2017, after being closd by the park system 40 years ago according to Whispering Cave Trail, a 0.2 mile spur off of Hemlock Bridge Trail, which takes hikers to the newly accessible cave, with a trickle of a waterfall over the top. It's second largest in the park; only Ash Cave, 700 feet wide and 90 feet tall, is bigger.

Trail Information:

Ash Cave
Ash Cave - Hocking Hills

Ash Cave is located just a short hike from the parking area. The approach to Ash Cave is through a narrow gorge lined with massive hemlocks, beech trees and various hardwoods. The upper and lower trails and surrounding area offers brilliant displays of wildflowers in season, including large flowered trillium. The narrow gorge is approximately one-fourth mile in length and has a trickle waterfall from the peak of the cave. There is also an overlook trail at the waterfall.

Trail Information: There are 3 trails. A lower trail that is a low degree of difficulty and is realtively flat and barrier fee. The upper trail has more steps, grade changes, rocks and a moderate level of difficulty. The overlook trail is short with a moderate level of difficulty.

Cantwell Cliffs

Cantwell Cliffs is known for its deep valleys, cliffs and rock shelter. Visitors can either hike the rim trail or follow the narrow passageway along the valley floor. One of the most unique features in the area is a narrow passage visitors must access to reach the bottom of the gorge.

Trail Information:

John Glenn Astronomy Park
John Glenn Astonomy Park - Hocking Hills State Park

The John Glenn Astonomy Park officially opened on June 21, 2018 and is a wonderful venue to view the nighttime sky in the Hocking Hills State Park. The park is dedicated to the exploration of the night sky. The park offers regular programs that welcome park guests to explore the night sky in the Observatory. The Observatory has many large and small telescopes. Explore the nighttime sky with your eys in this brand new park on your next trip to Hocking Hills!

Modern nighttime light is erroding our sense of the nighttime sky, An astronomy park in the Hocking Hills State park was inspired to provide an opporunity for people to enjoy the true wonders of space without light polution from cities. The Hocking Hills is one of the few areas left in the state of Ohio where the night sky can be seen in its near pristine state.

Zip line Adventures and Canopy Tours

The Hocking Hills Regions includes Laureville, Ohio, Rockbridge, Ohio and Logan Ohio. There are beautiful hills and natural wonders to explore. There are many adventure companies and outfitters make your trip memorable. Take a zip line canopy tour, rock climbing or rappeling are a great way to see the magic of Hocking Hills!

The Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

The Hocking Hills Canopy Tours are a great way explore the region for adventure seakers. There are 10 tours offered by the company that include zipline tours, segway tours, driving tour and rock climbing and rapelling tours. The zip line tours start with the Introduction, which gives you a quick training course for ziplining safety. The adventure tours include The Original Canopy Tour, The "X" Tour, SuperZip, Moonshie Tours, Discovery Tour, Dragonfly for Kids, Off-road Segway Adventure, Rockbridge Encounter tour and Zip and Climb or Zip and Rappel packages.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours
Soaring Cliffs

Soaring Cliffs takes our guests on ten different zip lines during the tour. Our guests will ride nearly a mile of zip line cable during the two hour experience and on more than one occasion will depart from ground level and soon be over 150 feet off of the forest ?oor as we ?y over a breath taking natural gorge. Between each zip line when we are safely on the ground our guides will lead you through one of the most scenic natural gorges in the state of Ohio. Set on over 250 acres of private land this gorge and its sandstone cliffs, seasonal waterfalls and diverse ecology can only be seen by those who complete our course. Truly a scenic and hidden gem of the Hocking Hills

Soaring Cliffs Zips Line Tours in Rockbridget, OH

Picture is courtesy of the Soaring Cliffs website.

Family Fun

The is peanty of family fun around Laurelville, Logan, Lancaster and the Hocking Hills State Park. The family fun places have a variety of activities, including go carts, mini golf, arcades and icecream!

Adventure Golf at Rempel's Grove

The Adventure mini-golf course is a fabulous! There are challenging holes with water features and pleany of fun obstacles to go through and around. It is fun for the entire faimly.

After a challengeing game of mini-golf, stop next door for some fabulous ice cream at the Treehouse Treats and Treasures!

Adventure Golf at Rempel's Grove

Adventure Golf at Rempel's Grove

Directions: From the Chalet drive back to Route 33. Head east and get off at the next exit for Logan Ohio. Turn right and follow the roundabout to cross back over Route 33. Go around 1/2 around the next roundabout and go straght. You will see Bob Evans on the right. Keep going past the McDonalds plaza to the next road and the golf will be in the plaza on the left by the Old Dutch Restaurant..

The Original Hocking Hills Adventures Fun Center

The Fun Center has fun for the entire family. There are go karts, mini-golf, a driving range, splash pad and arcade. They have package deals that pare a couple of the activities.

The go-karts are adult sized, so divers have to be at least 56 inches tall. There are double carts for kids age 3 to 9 to ride with an adult at least 18 years old.

They have a Wednesday special, which indluces multiple go-kart rides and mini-golf for one price. The have a fun package which includes all of the activities and a 2 hour canoe trip with the Original Hocking Hills Canoe Livery.

The Fun Center - Rockbridge, OH

The Fun Center - Rockbridge, OH

Canoe Liveries

The Hocking Hills regions is known for its great canoe liveries and river adventures. You can travel in kayaks, canoes, rafts and tubes. There are many liveries that offer great canoeing river trips. The liveries are located around Logan and Lancaster on the Hocking River. Many of thee liveries have package adventure adn family fun trips!

The Original Hocking Hills Adventures

The Original Canoe Livery has been in business since 1976 and offer great river adventures. Their river adventures go from 2 hours to 2 days. You can paddle on a canoe or kayak! If a leisure river trip is more your style, you can to a floating trip on rafts or tubes.

They also offer package deals with their canoe trips, which include horseback riding, rock adventures or a family fun pack.

The Family Fun center has go carts, mini-golf, a driving range and arcade. The Livery is located in Logan, Ohio just off of Route 33 at the State Route 664 exit.

The Original Hocking Hills Adventures

Picture is courtesy of the Original Hocking Hills Adventures website.

Fox's Hocking Hills Canoe Livery

Fox's Hocking Hills Canoe Livery has been in business since 1996 and have great river trips and excursions. You can take a river trip in a canoe, kayak or raft!

They also offer package deals with their canoe trips, which include mooonlight tours, zip lining or golfing.

The are located by the Old Dutch Restaurant and Rempel's Cove in Logan, Ohio; just off of Route 33 at the State Route 664 exit.

Fox's Hocking Hills Canoe Livery

Picture is courtesy of Fox's Hocking Hills Canoe Livery website.

Horseback Riding Adventures

There are many ranches and campes that have guided horseback adventures. The Hocking State Forest has horse riding trails surrounding the region and the Black Forest Chalet.

Spotted Horse Ranch

The Spotted Horse Ranch is located in Laurelville, Ohio and is close by. They have horse riding 25 trails on 500 acres. The have horse rides from beginner to advanced! Each ride begins with a brief riding demonstration by the guide.

The guided riding packages inclue 1 hour rides, 2 hour rides and cowboy cookout rides. The horse rides are for riders 8 years and older. They do have a handed pony ride in their pen for kids under 8.

They have different pricing for the number of riders, which include 5-10 riders, 10 plus and group rides. Reservations and deposits are required for your guided rides.

The Spotted Horse Ranch, Laurellville, Ohio

Picture is courtesy of The Spotted Horse Ranch website.

  • Website:
  • Telephone line: 740-332-RIDE
  • Address: 17325 Deffenbaugh Road Laurelville, Ohio 43135
  • Hours: General Season is April through October.
  • Happy Trails Horseback Rides

    The Happty Trails Horseback Rides is located in Rockbridge, Ohio and is close by. They are located in the center of Hocking Hills. They have horse riding through scenic trails. The have horse rides from beginner to advanced! Each ride begins with a brief riding demonstration by the guide.

    The guided riding packages range from 1 hour rides top all day. The horse rides are generally for riders 7 years and older. They do have a handed pony ride in their pen for kids under 7. They will match the trail and the horse with the the experience of the rider.

    Their pricing is by there hour. They do have package specials with other adventures.

    The Happy Trails Horeseback Rides, Rockbridge, Ohio

    Picture is courtesy of The Happy Trials Horseback Rides website.

  • Website:
  • Telephone line: 740-380-6372
  • Address: 25851 Big Pine Rockbridge, Ohio 43149
  • Hours: General Season is April through October. In the spring and fall they are only open on the weekends. June through August they are open Monday through Saturday.
  • Museums

    There are many great museums in the Hocking Hills Region. Some are close by and others on the edge of the county. Each has its own fun aspects, so take a trip while you are visiting!

    Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum

    The Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener museum is located at the Hocking Hills Region Welcom Center. Paul A. Johnson, a retired minister, began the collection in 1988 after his wife bought him a small collection of transportation-themed pencil sharpeners as a whimsical Christmas gift. After that gift, his collection grew to over 4,000 pieces.

    The museum contineus to grow, as guest are welcome to drop off unique sharpeners as a donation to the museum. The collection is organized by themes, which include transportation, landmarks, sports, cartoons, military to name a few.

    Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum
    There is so much do to around Laurellville, Logan and Hocking Hills! We hope that you find an activity that fits your getaway trip!